Adapt or die: 3 imperatives for cloud projects

In the migration to the cloud, enterprises quickly learn that adaptability — the willingness to change — has to happen. Failure to adapt can turn minor problems into massive damage.

For example, a large enterprise that migrates 100 applications to an IaaS cloud might discover during testing that the latency is too high for 25 of the applications. The board of directors and leadership were given a plan showing 100 applications migrating to the cloud, and no one wants communicate a change, so they power through. The result is that those 25 applications don’t function well enough to support the business, and that adds up to a big, costly failure.

A better approach, of course, is to not move the 25 applications that show latency issues to the cloud.

It’s simply a matter of adapting as you execute, but enterprises seem to be bad at that practice. Budgets, politics, and self-interest seem to cloud everyone’s thinking, leading to dumb mistakes that quickly become huge costly mistakes.