For real this time? Oracle, VMware talk up the cloud

In an ideal world, would anyone want to run their own IT?

It’s a huge hassle. As soon as you invest in technology, the countdown to obsolescence begins, and challenges like scalability and security turn mild-mannered people into raving lunatics. Sure, you need developers and designers and engineers for your core processes, customer experience, and market differentiation. But the platform? Please, let someone else take care of it.

Such is the lure of the public cloud. But alas, our world falls short of ideal, and existing workloads do not matriculate easily. Some enterprise workloads operate on data bound by regulation to stay on premises. Others would need to be refactored so radically to move elsewhere that it’s simply not worth it.

That’s why the industry keeps coming up with hybrid cloud schemes — that is, similar private/public cloud environments that, theoretically at least, make workload migration and cross-cloud management much easier. Last week I interviewed Oracle about its evolving hybrid PaaS play. I also spoke with VMware about the hybrid announcements rolling out at this week’s VMworld conference.