How the latest enterprise tech surge changed everything

Technology development comes in waves. Judging by the recent slippage in venture capital investment, the most recent wave of new enterprise tech has crested and is now tapering off. And it’s leaving a wealth of useful new stuff in its wake, from containers to NoSQL databases to streaming analytics to machine learning APIs.

The most striking thing is not just the quantity of innovation, but how interrelated so many of those new technologies have turned out to be. Put them together and you have the makings of the new enterprise architecture, built on these four principles:

1. Self-service: In today’s enterprise, lines of business must be able to build what they need quickly without having to file requests in triplicate to a central IT bureaucracy. Either IT provides the automation necessary to deliver self-service internally, or stakeholders look outside the organization to get what they need.

2. Scalability: The abstraction of hardware as software-defined compute, storage, and network resources — call it “the cloud” if you like — enables capacity to be applied where it’s needed almost instantaneously. It establishes an all-purpose platform for a multitude of new applications that can scale on a dime.