IDG Contributor Network: Platformization is the scaffold that helps startups build their business faster

Today’s startups are all about bringing to market a great idea, as quickly as possible, and scaling their business to gain adoption and market share before their idea gets replicated. And today, there is less margin for error than ever.

In an increasingly open and fluid world, it is increasingly difficult to keep a secret. Ideas — the primary currency of startup nations — are free flowing. When you, wannabe or confirmed entrepreneur, get a brilliant idea, the time window to act upon it is short. It’s therefore critical that you are able to bring to market a first iteration of this magic app, innovative platform, or new service, in order not only to put a stake in the ground, but also to start measuring user reaction and to collect feedback.

Acting upon this feedback is the other side of the coin: Users and consumers are now used to getting their voice heard, and a startup that’s paying no attention to its users, that’s not acting on what it’s been told, can anticipate a short lifespan.

Engineers are expensive

In startup-rich areas like Silicon Valley, London, Berlin, Paris, and Tel Aviv, good engineers — the ones who have what it takes to work in a startup — are sparse and expensive. You should make the best use of their time, which means don’t ask them to reinvent the wheel.