IDG Contributor Network: The next step in app modernization: Is AWS domination a foregone conclusion?

I’ve written frequently about app modernization on this blog, as it’s the type of project that my company frequently does for clients. While there are a variety of technologies and platforms that clients build their modernizations on, mostly dependent on their existing technologies and specific needs, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a dominant force in the space.

I recently read an AWS white paper on modernizing Microsoft applications that referenced research suggesting that “50 percent of respondents were using AWS to support productivity applications like those from Microsoft.” Furthermore, “65 percent said they planned to increase their use of AWS either to move existing applications or to expand applications already running on AWS.”

What’s most interesting to me isn’t that companies are modernizing their applications at this rate (because that’s what we’ve seen in our customers as well) but rather that AWS is making a clear play to position as the best option for companies modernizing from Microsoft applications built on traditional on-premises infrastructure.

In my opinion, this signals the increasing growth and dominance of AWS, but is that such a bad thing? There will always be people who say that over-reliance on any given technology is dangerous, because it discourages competition and potentially opens your organization up to the risk that your technology of choice will go under or become obsolete.