Java EE advocates to Oracle: Give us details, not promises

Oracle’s recently revealed plan to reboot enterprise Java for the cloud is leaving the community at large skeptical, with Java proponents glad to see the company ready to again move forward but longing for more details.

Last month, a group led by James Gosling formed the Java EE Guardians to protest what they perceived as¬†Oracle’s lack of efforts to move forward with Java EE 8. In response, Oracle last week emphasized intentions to better equip the platform for cloud deployments, microservices, containers, and multitenancy.

But Reza Rahman, a former Java EE evangelist and now a leader of Java Guardians, said he wants to see more details from Oracle.

“We have so far seen nothing other than those few paragraphs anywhere else and certainly no work to substantiate any of these statements,” he said. “It’s likely we need to wait until JavaOne to understand what any of this actually means in terms of feature and timeline.”