Snowflake builds a bigger, simpler data warehouse

Cloud-based data warehousing system Snowflake has unveiled a slew of new features designed to make it more powerful for enterprises minus extra complexity.

Founded by Microsoft alumnus Bob Muglia, the service threw open its doors to the public last year with its Elastic Data Warehouse system. Its main appeal is for analytics users who want to work with loads of cloud-native data, but don’t want the management and performance-tweaking hassles associated with such a task.

Size (and speed and convenience) matters

The new Snowflake features continue to push the idea that a high-performance system can be high performance by default — that neither the user nor Snowflake needs to tweak anything to get the best possible results.

One such new feature is the multicluster warehouse function, where databases can be automatically scaled out across multiple clusters to satisfy incoming demand. If similar queries come in from multiple users, query data can be cached and reused between them to further accelerate performance. Data is also automatically sharded and partitioned to give even more of a speed boost.