Tsuru open source PaaS puts developers first

A new open source PaaS, Tsuru, is out to make application deployment painless by reducing it to little more than a Git push command.

The workflow for Tsuru, according to its documentation, consists of writing an app, backing it with resources like databases or caching, and deploying it into production with Git. Tsuru handles the rest, including crating up the apps in Docker containers and managing their workloads. Its creators claim it can be deployed both locally and on services like AWS, DigitalOcean, or Apache CloudStack.

One common complaint about modern PaaSes is that they impose their own toolchain and workflow on developers. Tsuru has modern PaaS and software-delivery features like containers, but it doesn’t assume that the developer wants to automatically use them. For instance, as of Tsuru’s 1.0.0 release, it’s possible to deploy an app that’s already in a Docker container, but it’s not mandatory. (Heroku Buildpacks are also supported as an application format.)

The biggest user concession Tsuru requires is its command-line client, which is for creating application instances on the platform. Once that’s done, though, Git pushes any code changes to a remote target provided by Tsuru, and Tsuru handles the rest.