VMware pins hybrid cloud hopes on IBM, AWS, Azure

VMware’s failure to create a public cloud to rival AWS or Azure hasn’t stopped the virtualization giant from trying to build a hybrid cloud to complement its private cloud empire.

But VMware’s latest hybrid cloud offerings — VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Services — show that it’s leaving the public cloud to the leaders.

Cloud Foundation offers unified management for existing clouds built on the VMware stack — vSphere, vSAN, and NSX — wherever they happen to be running. This includes VMware’s vCloud Air host, but also VMware stacks hosted in IBM’s cloud, an extension of the deal the two companies struck earlier this year.

Currently under development, Cross-Cloud Services consists of management tools that span a user’s VMware stacks and the three top commodity public cloud providers (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft). It performs app and data migrations between local or IBM-hosted VMware setups and public clouds.