Windows? Linux? The OS is dead, killed by the cloud

Remember when operating systems mattered? Those halcyon days when Windows and Linux gearheads eviscerated each other in the comments sections of blogs?

Well, it’s time to get over the OS. It doesn’t matter anymore.

This will sound strange to the server-hugging rearguard, but to anyone who has spent time in the cloud, it will feel familiar. Tim Bray, one-time Googler and currently with Amazon Web Services, acknowledges that “way too many people are still configuring operating systems,” but insists that Lambda, inspired by AWS but “now from all the Cloud heavyweights,” has established “the natural unit of computation [as] a function, which runs in response to an ‘event’.”

In short, the cloud is increasingly abstracting away the operating system, allowing developers to focus higher up the stack on applications, not infrastructure. While this sounds like a death knell for Windows-centric Microsoft, the truth is far different.